Beauty In The Eye of The Lens


Adam J Schokora is the founder and creative director of Neocha, a creative agency that works with many talented artists across Asia. He is also a photographer and filmmaker. When asked about his work he told CNCREATE:

“I carry a camera with me everywhere I go. I shoot a bit of everything, but I most like to make pictures of people. Humans are most interesting to me. It’s less about my style, but rather more about what the subjects bring to an image. For the most part, I look to them to make the picture. Different subjects bring different moods, attitudes, and energy. I just try to be perceptive about what makes them interesting and capture that as an honest reflection of them in the moment.

“Women are often my subjects. Unsure why… they just seem more open to being photographed, and often, there is more to shoot with women. They can often be more expressive and emotional in front of a camera. They loosen up much easier on shoots. I feel women have a better understanding of physical beauty than men, and that shows through in their character and movements when they are being photographed.

“Youth, freedom, sexuality, intimacy, loneliness, wild spiritedness, nature, abstract forms and lines are all themes in my photographs. I try to keep things as candid and spontaneous as possible, snapshot aesthetic, but I am not afraid to ask people to do something again if I saw something I liked but didn’t get it the first time… or to wholly recreate things I see in my imagination or whatever.

“I got hooked on photography because it helps me be a better version of me. For example, I’m very forgetful of people and stories in my life, but if I can see a photo or some sort of visual cue, it all comes back to me in vivid detail. Another example, I struggle with just ‘being in the now’. My mind wanders and is always thinking ahead. There are some benefits to this type of outlook, but mostly it’s a nuisance.

“The act of shooting photos forces me to be present and focused on what’s happening in the moment. Another example, I have a hard time opening up and connecting to people. However, through shooting photos of people, those barriers break down. I open up, they open up, there is always a nice connection created through that process.”


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