The Dark Side of Art


The artist conveys her philosophy through minimalism and black colour in her new series called Fear. Our human nature is variable, we are constantly changing, feeling different fears therewith, such as the present-day fear of instability and lack of success; social fear of loneliness; eternal fear of death.

Living right here and right now, we are afraid of what may occur in future. The artist has been studying this dual nature of things for several years, striving to find an answer on how to keep balance under this dualism of the world.

Adopting the philosophy of black from the East, where it does not carry a negative connotation, the artist dares to challenge us: black may exist anywhere as a colour of hidden opportunities rather than a symbol of negative. It may be versatile, flexible, atypical, and embrace multiple senses and interpretations. Thus, using a unique ink composition, the artist paints pictures, where black is not actually black.

At the right angle, they seem absolutely black with slight line dissemination. However, looking from a different perspective, we will see the world of silver, bright colours and textures. Black emerges as light and bright. Each work in the series carries this intrinsic charge of light and glitter. Another perspective opens an absolutely new reality and makes us feel dualism in perceiving and understanding these works.

In such a way, the artist reminds us in her works that art is prized for hidden capabilities and intrinsic value of colours rather than their physical nature. Being full of contemplation, paintings by Alëna Olasyuk represent the world dualism in the dualism of contemporary visual arts.


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