Naked Lunch


Wanimal is a photographer and artist who hails from Nanning, Guangxi and is currently studying in Boston, Massachusetts. His work covers many aspects of photography from portraiture to fashion to landscape.

Wanimal has a unique talent to capture the essence of the female body as a subject whilst in juxtaposition with its surroundings and environments. He is an artist who makes classical pieces of art whilst doing photography projects. When asked how he got into photography he said:

“I started doing photography as a hobby and it turned into a passion. I wanted to capture the essence of the female body form as a way to show the world life is beautiful and can be enjoyed. I wanted to use light as a way to reflect the contrasts between dark and light within the subject’s personality, hopefully, in years to come I will start my own studio and design my own fashion shoots for major fashion brands.”

When looking at Wanimal‘s work you get the feeling the photos are taken from a unique angle and perspective but using a very common theme in photography, the female form.


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