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Yimei Wang is based in Shanghai and spoke to CNCREATE:

“I would rather say I am more of an artist than a mere photographer. If you call me a photographer, I am sort of such one who has tried to break with traditional photographic skills and criteria. Also, I want to orient myself as an independent contemporary artist. Being a contemporary artist, you have to demonstrate your cultural stance and your modern spirit, along with your exploration with artistic form.

“My photographic work includes a number of series, a major one being ‘Link the World with Her Hair’. In this series, I attempt to subvert a conventional concept of ‘black hair’ associated with sadness, melancholy and hidden bitterness for many centuries in China. You might say Hair Theme is not profound but as a famous Chinese poet and painter Yan Li put it in commenting on my Hair Series: ‘Anyone who is able to restore all thoughts to the hair is a happy one’. As I am also a poet, the audience will see and feel the poetic image and sense in these pieces.”

Link The World With Her Hair Series

“My other photographic series (Nude Series and other performance photographs) are more of a conceptual art. I use my own nude to express my cross-cultural view and understanding. In these series, I do performance and also photograph what I perform with a concept in mind and then let it flow naturally.

“Definitely, art is something fundamentally related to your heart. And yet, any piece of good art is a good integration of your perception and rationality. So, in a much more sense, if you aspire to be a great artist, this integration is even more of importance.”

Yimei’s art is unique, as it is visually striking, and compels you to look upon her work.

Nude Series & other performance photographs

Yimei’s work has been described and commented upon in a poem by the world-famous artists Gao Brothers.

She burns Paris with her passion
And covers all with her hair
Her passion starts a prairie fire like a single spark, and
Her unexhausted enthusiasm has flooded the country boundaries
I really feel quite old when I see her image
The world has turned upside down since she came
Her hair looks like a flame in the wind, and
The sky is burning in the fire in Paris
She is Yimei, oh, a poet
(Gao Brothers – Photo By Andy)


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