Seductive Posing


Sesa Wu is a Shanghai-based photographer who specializes in female portraiture in black and white. Her work is not only seductive and sensual but also encapsulating. When we asked her what the creative processes are behind her work, she told CNCREATE:

“All I want is to help save some memories in their deepest mood for love, we can’t keep our youth forever, time takes our youth away. But photos can keep our youth forever young in other ways.

“Every girl is like a wild cat, they are both smart, sexy, and have a strong mind and they look forward to being concerned about. Eternity is not a distance but a decision and why I choose these nude angles is because the subjects act too normal most of the time, but they want to be sexy and sometimes they just need someone to find it for them.”

Sesa’s work is remarkable and highly distinctive. She has a unique vision and talent, which is clear to see due to her use of light and symmetry in juxtaposition with her subjects.


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