Shades of Spiritualism


When asked about her work Alëna Olasyuk told CNCREATE:

“I believe in balance, that’s why I choose black and white, complex simplicity and Buddhism. The balance of complex repeated lines, which in the same way is simple, and simple form and colour represent clearly my feelings of balance, in a visual and meaningful way.

Black and white always were in my life, in a different period of it. Back to childhood memories, I remember how my father showed us his sketches and drawings with black and white pen and ink. Maybe that’s why I feel so comfortable with this medium and colour.”

She further added:

“And in every period I draw with ink or pen and sometimes exploring colourful paint. With time I understood colour can’t represent my feelings, and suddenly I went to simple, abstract ink and found out how it perfectly fits me, and represents the feeling that I like, as quietness and meditative, when you can just watch the artwork for hours and feel peace.

At the moment I explore ink, how it was different, how it was colourful in its own way. For me, my art is the way of researching and understanding basic human and philosophical things. The quietness of black gives me that possibility to not go to random emotions, which can give colour, and let me go deeper, to nature, as nature is pure simplicity in complex understanding.”


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