Thierry Bornier


Thierry Bornier is a renowned landscape photographer who has travelled across China seeking to capture the moment of truth in the duality of people’s relationship to their landscape. On a trip to the Dalian mountains, Thierry met Jijuehamo, a small, sick, local child in an isolated village. Moved by the baby’s condition, Thierry sort to crowdfund the finances to bring the child to Shanghai for treatment.

It was through this mission to find treatment for the child that Thierry met Shirley Zhao, the founder of STA, and she was able to help get the life-saving operation that the young child needed. Now, Jijuehamo requires a second surgery, and House of Tai Ping and STA are hosting an exhibition of Thierry’s work, to help raise money for the child’s second surgery.

In 2008, Thierry decided to become a photographer after one of his photos was chosen as the National Geographic’s Photo of the Day. This was the catalyst for him to really pursue his calling and he has never looked back since.

When Thierry started traveling around China as a landscape photographer, he discovered a country with breathtaking regions and abundant beautiful scenery. Thierry particularly loved the landscape of Yunnan and it’s rice terraces, so much so that he decided to move there.

Thierry has published numerous photographs in National Geographic with one of his images in the book entitled Rarely Seen: Photographs of the Extraordinary in 2015. He has won many photography competitions including One Eyeland (Photographer of the year 2014, Nature) and Epson International Pano Awards. He loves sharing his passion for landscape photography and is devoted to inspire and help others to capture these amazing natural and historic landscapes.


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