Psychedelic Lucid Dreaming


Zhou Fan is well known for his astonishingly detailed drawings and paintings that depict fantastical nature scenes. Often working without drafts, plans or pre-set ideas, Zhou Fan’s large works take from eight months to three years to finish.

Dreams, memory, hallucinations, and fantasy have all been the thread and substance of Zhou Fan’s practice throughout the last decade.

His previous series of artworks brought his audiences into a realm of imagination with out-of-this-world scenes and a sumptuous and unusual colour palette. Now he brings the ideals of lucid dreaming into his latest series of works, which has produced remarkable and fantastical imagery.

Zhou Fan’s latest series of paintings takes this dreamlike domain to a further point. Following along roadways, these strong artificial colours and illusory landscapes waver between reality and fantasy, becoming the foremost visual features in his new works.

Meditating on the relationship between that which is manmade and things of nature, between the city and the wild, the new works are the artist’s approach to harmonising and balancing this intricate ecosystem we inhabit.


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